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Build Your Skills - My Personal Rav

Build Your Skills

The Hebrew letter Aleph with the caption "Build Skills"

My Personal Rav will help you improve your skills from Hebrew and Aramaic, to Tosfos and Rishonim.

Learning how to learn can be a long and difficult process. Building skills is tantamount to laying the foundations of a building before adding additional levels to it. I have been working for years on my own skills in learning and helping other people develop theirs.

The Torah says :

“And you shall teach them – ולימדתם”

Our sages in the Talmud taught

“ולימדתם – this means that your saying the words of Torah – לימוד, should be whole and complete – תם. From here we derive that your pronunciation and diction of the words of Torah should be complete, and thus give proper space between similar letters.

The Sefer Chovos HaLevavos explains that there are ten stages of Torah learning. The first eight stages involve developing the abilities to properly read and pronounce the words, translate the words into meaningful concepts based on a fully grounded understanding of the mechanics of the Hebrew language, and then to understand the process of derivation from the words in the Torah to their full expression of meaning in the Oral Tradition. All these stages must proceed advanced levels of learning. For without them one doesn’t have the proper foundations upon which to be confident they are understanding what they are learning correctly.

If you understand the implications of these principles then you will feel confident and assured that expending time and energy to build your learning skills is essential for true growth in Torah. I can help you identify which areas of skill building you need to focus on and help you see real advancement in that area. Here are some examples of what we could focus on

  • Reading and translating Hebrew or Aramaic
  • Studying and understanding דקדוק
  • Familiarizing oneself with different Jewish texts
  • Any and all fundamental issues of understanding how the Written or Oral Torah work
  • Making a leining on a Page of Gemara

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