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Get Inspired

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Learn Torah that moves you.

No matter what our situation is, we are all beings with a physical nature, in a physical world, and by necessity must be involved in a certain amount of physical endeavours. It is impossible to deny that we get easily pulled in to the physical world and lose focus and perspective on our higher goals and aspirations as souls. In our generation one of the key ways to combat this challenge is through inspiration. Bringing inspiration into our lives is emphasized as a key strategy in our avodah.

The Torah says:

“However, you must protect yourself and guard your spirit well lest you forget the things you saw with your own eyes and lest they pass from your heart, all the days of your life, inform your children and grandchildren – of the day you stood before Hashem your master at Horeb when Hashem said to me gather this nation together and they will hear my word through which they will come to be in awe of me all the days that they are on the land, and they will instruct their children”
“We have already mentioned the absolute necessity for inspiration and specifically the inspiration of the spirit within the service of Hashem, to the extent that in this generation it is impossible for us to wait to incorporate it until adulthood. Rather in this generation we need to bring inspiration even to the children… and the main point was to emphasize the importance of inspiration in our daily lives because when the spirit is dormant and weak it is impossible to overcome the evil inclination and on the physical desires for this world”

Rav Klonomus Kalmish MiPiescetzna Sefer Hachsharas HaAvreichim Chapter 2

Bringing inspiration to others is one of my greatest pleasures and greatest abilities. If you are looking for inspiration, here are some ways I can help you attain it:

  • Inspiring weekly Parsha discussions
  • Exploring the deeper mystical parts of Torah
  • Learn the most inspiring writings and teachings ever written in Jewish history
  • Goal oriented learning which brings inspiration through accomplishment

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