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Know Your Torah - My Personal Rav

Know Your Torah

A stack of books with the caption "Know your Torah"

At the end of the day this is why we sit down to learn. We don’t just learn to fulfill the obligation of “Talmud Torah”, we learn in order to know Torah so that we can live it.

The Torah says :

“And these words which I command you today shall be upon your heart, and you shall teach them to your children, and speak in them when you sit in your home when you walk on the way when you lie down and when you rise up”

Our sages teach in the Talmud:

“Veshinantam – And you shall teach them, what is this word “shinun? It means sharp. This comes to add an additional meaning that the words of Torah should be so sharp and clear in your mouth that if someone comes to ask you a question regarding them you won’t falter rather you will answer with clarity immediately”

I specialize in helping people achieve clarity in their Torah learning. You name the area of Torah you want to get clarity in and I will help you achieve it.

  • Any Tractate in Talmud or any topic in the Talmud
  • Bekiyus Gemara or Iyun in Gemara
  • Tanach, Mishneh, Rambam
  • Any area or aspect of Jewish law or custom
  • The process of formulating halacha
  • Any of the Sifrei Machshava
  • Any of the Sifrei Chassidus
  • Any of the Sifrei Mussar
  • Any of the teachings of Kabbalah

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